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Rick Graziani's Page
   CIS 160W - Wireless

Gerlinde Brady
CIS 83 - Intermed. Routing & Switching - CCNA 3+4

CIS 89 Data Communications    CIS 89 Calendar
Brian McMahon   Email to Brian McMahon

Networking Program
Cisco Networking Academy     login
Cisco Networking Academy at Cabrillo  ...  Lab Webcam
CIS 182: Networking Fundamentals 2 Marcelo's page
Spanning Tree Algorythm by Radia Perlman

Perl and PHP and MySQL

CPAN (O'Reilly)
PHP home page
MySQL AB home page
PostgreSQL home page


Java 2 (v 1.5.0 API specs)
Ed Parrish's home page
CIS165 - Database/Web/Java - WebCT
MySQL AB home page
PostgreSQL home page
CS20J - Java programming
Steve Hodges' pages


Christiane C. Baldus at German department
Christine Baldus home page


My links to Linux and *BSD distro sites

Gnome development

Gtk+Gnome Application Development by Havoc Pennington
HTML Version

CIS 193 - Linux/Unix Computer Security     CIS 193 Calendar
Jim Griffin's pages
Email to Jim Griffin


How Cabrillo is Connected - CSU network
On the California map, Cabrillo appears about 1/2 way between the Sunnyvale and Salinas QWest nodes.

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