Your Browser's Current Code Page

This page shows the high ascii characters for your current codepage. You may select different codepages using the 'view' menu, in most browsers.

                  ( 0x80-0x8f )
                  ( 0x90-0x9f )
                  ( 0xa0-0xaf )
                  ( 0xb0-0xbf )
                  ( 0xc0-0xcf )
                  ( 0xd0-0xdf )
                  ( 0xe0-0xef )
                  ( 0xf0-0xff )

Different browsers may display different selections of codepages. Also the contents of the codepages may show slightly differently - an example is the Russian KOI8-R page, which shows different characters in Netscape and Microsoft IE.

Also, different operating systems may support different fonts, so that some codepages can't be displayed unless the proper fonts are added.

This page only supports single-byte character sets, for which non-ASCII characters are in the range 128-255.

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