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My history of the PDP-1 and more
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No more AOL CDs!

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Australian photos:

Australian Photos Australia photos on Sonic. All of the large photos are on my home server, which isn't always on, but the small ones and thumbnails are on my ISP's server, which is almost always running. This is password-protected, the user name and password are my last and first names respectively, all lower-case.

Other Stuff

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Bush: a Miserable Failure
People for the American Way
Regime Change poster from MoveOn
Veterans for Common Sense
Common Dreams


[regime change]
Help fight the right-wing takeover of our government and the destruction of our civil liberties!

Scientology links

Anti Scientology - Operation Clambake
Andreas Heldal-Lund head of Operation Clambake

Home Pages of Servers at Home

Dude Ubuntu

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