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I worked for IMSAI Corp. for a while in 1977. While there, I wrote an assembler (in 8080 assembly code) for the Intel 8048/8748 microprocessor. IMSAI used the 8048 in a couple of products, one of which was an "intelligent keyboard" which could be programmed to play tones from its speaker and to communicate with a computer in various modes. One of these keyboards was used on the IMSAI used in WarGames, to generate all the strange "modem" and keyclick sounds.

Peter with an IMSAI
After working at IMSAI, I wrote some accounting software on a friend's IMSAI in NorthStar Basic.

Todd Fischer's IMSAI used in WarGames
Todd kindly sent me this picture the other day.

Some pages and photos from Fischer-Freitas' IMSAI site:
IMSAI Corp Today - division of Fischer-Freitas Corp
IMSAI Series Two Computer - The Revival! (but with modern RAM, a faster and smarter CPU, and room for a PC motherboard).
IMSAI WarGames page
IMSAI's 1977 Megabyte Micro This ad appeared in Scientific American and elsewhere in 1977.
To see a larger image, click on the picture, and be amazed at the prices of RAM boards a quarter of a century ago (the price of a 32K board would buy an inexpensive PC system today!)

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